Anime North 2016


Overall we had a wonderful weekend in Toronto at Anime North. We had some minor issues, such as the incredible first heat wave of the summer (though technically still spring) and some minor car trouble on the return trip (radiator hose broke off and were were spewing rad fluid like the life giving blood that it is). Luckily with a mechanic on board we were able to jury rig something to get us home ok, though a little later than planned…

We had a fun time helping out at the Palladium Books booth from selling books and toys to chatting it up with fans and the rest of the Palladium Crew: Kevin Siembieda, Wayne Smith, Chuck Walton, Apollo Okamura and Brett Caron.


The kids had a blast and were very helpful at the booth, playing in a number of games and con activities. It was really cute when they tried to sell fans stuff or engage in conversations with customers. We took some group photos with Kevin and Chuck and whatever it was the kids got both Kevin and Chuck to look at them during the pictures… from my perspective they appeared innocent…but I don’t know…