Anime North 2017 – Report

What an exciting weekend visiting with old friends and making some new ones. There was lots to see and do, but here are some of the highlights of the weekend for us.

First off we, the gang from Palladium Books® was swamped this year and could not make it up to Canada and requested that I as a Freelancer run their booth. I graciously accepted and as usual had a great time talking to people, selling Palladium products as well as my own Wildcat Engineering products.

Like Ottawa, Toronto was seeing some pretty bad flooding and lots of rain. The Don Valley River was very high and almost up onto the Don Valley Parkway in some places. We were treated however to a misty view of the CN Tower and Skydome.

As usual there were lots of Cosplayers, Anime robot models and of course gamers, something we saw a lot of while running the Palladium Books booth, including a fellow with a fully functional Veritech Fighter from Robotech!

We also got a chance to meet the Swedish Chief and were then treated to a special dinner with other artists and guest of Anime North where they gave us an amazing show (cooking our food) with a flaming volcano of onion rings!