We have been so busy as of late with out Government Contracts, most of which we can’t post online, so much that we didn’t make it to Anime North this year. We can however talk about our visit to CANSEC!

This years CANSEC’s outdoor venue was much improved with several aircraft and some interesting land vehicles.

SAAB was showcasing its fighter jet the GRIPPEN, which they had a model of at their booth at a 1:8 scale. AIRBUS had their Typhoon around back as well.

There was still plenty of cool things to see indoors too, including several models of the various vehicles coming to market.

GENERAL DYNAMIC had their engineering LAV, including a nice model to go along with the real thing.

Came across this company Additive Metal Manufacturing, a pleasant surprise indeed. They are based out of Toronto and we might start using them for some of our metal prototypes in the future.

And of course what’s 3D Printing with out a 3D Scanner! CREAFORM was demoing a pretty cool laser scanning system to render objects into CAD software.