eSAX – October 7th, 2015

eSAX Stage

What a show!

I talked non-stop all night long as people crowded around the booth to learn about 3D Printing. I had a few who had seen the technology before but most people had their mind’s blown when they saw the printer making something right before their eyes!

While my USB Drives didn’t make it in time (they are due to arrive today or tomorrow) things couldn’t have gone better. My” Junior Associate” Caleb out sold me on Fidget Cubes and really knew how to work the crowd. His enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for 3D printing seemed to be only out done by the printer itself! I felt quit confident turning to another person interested in Wildcat Engineering Solutions knowing that Caleb had everything going well.

Booth - CalebBooth - Greg

We have much to discuss and I will be revealing all here in the next couple of days!

But I wanted to send out a special thanks to Jarrod and his eSAX crew for putting in all that effort and energy into making the event what it was and the special thanks and send off to OSEB and the people at the YMCA who helped so many people start their own businesses (myself included)!