St. Paul High School 3D Printing Workshop Take 2!

3D Wildcat printing Winner STP

So we finally got the 3D Printing Workshop up and running at St. Paul High School despite another attempted snow day! The event went well, I had a great time sharing with the kids and meeting Mathieu and the guys from Ottawa U’s Maker Mobile Team. The kids were excited to not only create their own pieces, but were thrilled to see the selection of components, toys and random 3D printed pieces I brought in. Our fidget cubes where also a hit and several kids picked some up.

A special thanks to Chris Dorey for hosting us and facilitating the workshop. From what I could glean he is a wise and kind teacher and all you kids are lucky to have someone like that guiding and mentoring you!

And last but not least we have Andrew Garneau, the winner of a $300 gift card to Wildcat Engineering Solutions for the creation of a model and 3D printing project. The gift card was originally a door prize for my October 7th, 2015 eSAX event, which was won by Julie Ricard, who obviously had a heart for kids in science and technology and wanted them to benefit from such a great prize. She asked me to find a suitable candidate and I hooked her up with Owen Thompson from the YMCA who suggested St. Paul High School and put me in touch with them and the rest is history.

Andrew’s initial response was shock and awe and he was delighted to received such a wonderful gift. When asked what he planned to do with it he hoped to further his aspiration of becoming an aerospace engineer and had a spaceship design he wanted to do for an upcoming project that would be perfect for 3D printing!