We have been so busy as of late with out Government Contracts, most of which we can’t post online, so much that we didn’t make it to Anime North this year. We can however talk about our visit to CANSEC!

This years CANSEC’s outdoor venue was much improved with several aircraft and some interesting land vehicles.

SAAB was showcasing its fighter jet the GRIPPEN, which they had a model of at their booth at a 1:8 scale. AIRBUS had their Typhoon around back as well.

There was still plenty of cool things to see indoors too, including several models of the various vehicles coming to market.

GENERAL DYNAMIC had their engineering LAV, including a nice model to go along with the real thing.

Came across this company Additive Metal Manufacturing, a pleasant surprise indeed. They are based out of Toronto and we might start using them for some of our metal prototypes in the future.

And of course what’s 3D Printing with out a 3D Scanner! CREAFORM was demoing a pretty cool laser scanning system to render objects into CAD software.

Another CANSEC has come and gone and I am reminded of the many contracts, friends, fellow employees and suppliers that I have had the chance to reconnect with at this even over the years. The Defense industry is kind of funny that way, kind of like the Comic Book world where you keep bumping into the same people at various CONs and industry events.

I am also reminded of how today’s technology and defensive systems were yesterdays dreams and ideas, so often portrayed in science fiction and the Comic Book world.


What a great weekend! A little on the warm side again, but we still had loads of fun and I got to spend a bunch of time with Creator and Owner of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda and Artist Chuck Walton.

Freelance Artist Apollo Okamura was also at the booth with us and Freelancer Writer Braden Campbell and his family made a brief visit as they toured around Anime North. We met and talk with many fans, made some new friends and converted some new role players over to the Palladium Books system. I of course brought my family and we sold a bunch of our Chessex Dice and Dice Towers.


Another wonderful Open House!

What can I say, its like a family gathering of Geeks and Gamers, all in love with Role-Playing Games under one roof and at the very place where the magic happens. I always find it amazing how Kevin (or should I say more Kathy) can whirlwind an amazing event, with great food, fun and excitement from gaming with fellow Palladium enthusiast, to actually playing in games of the various Freelancers for current and future books that they are working on, to auctions of rare Palladium Book® artifacts as well as being able to get a chance to meet and talk to the various creators. I know Kevin has a whole host of friends including Chuck and Wayne as well as the other Freelancer writers and artists, but tons of fans who come to just help, hang out and game for the event that make this event even possible.

So here are the highlights of the amazing weekend.

This is our little corner of the Freelancer Table, where we were selling Chessex Dice and our very first invention, our Spiral Dice Tower. I obviously brought my kids this year, who were excited to meet the people and hang out and of course game with all the gamers, Palladium Staff and other Freelancers. Our section of the booth also became the “Cool Kids” hangout and as you can see many of the kids were inspired to draw their characters thanks to the help and encouragement of Chuck Walton and the other artists.


Most people saw Joe Bergman’s amazing Deadboy Cosplay from years ago, but few had a chance to sneak into the offices and be repelled by a Stormtrooper guarding the entrance…

Every year there is an auction, not just any old auction mind you, but a place were you can get odd and wacky Palladium merchandise and artifacts from ages past, for example one person walked away with a limited edition RIFTS jacket. But my favourite was the “Gaming Certificates”, signed by Kevin himself allowing players to gain bonuses or special abilities during their next gaming session with their GM’s back home. What Game Master would not allow such a cool (and official) token?

And of course I was pushing my books, Kevin even offered to do a Raw Preview Edition of Hardware Unlimited, but getting ready for the Open House was too much and he ran out of time to do it. Ryan McDaniel suggested that I do a petition as a fun way to promote and show the love for the upcoming book during the Open House and so the Heroes Unlimited 2: Hardware Unlimited Petition was formed. Below is Greg Spivey signing the petition.

Now, even though I was super busy running my own games, promoting my books Heroes Unlimited 2: Hardware Unlimited, Rifts: New Navy and Rifts: Independent Kingdoms and selling 3D Printed Collapsible Spiral Dice Towers and Chessex Dice I did managed to get a gaming in with Matt Moody. Now for the life of me I don’t recall the name of the adventure (Adventure on the Orient Express?) but we were on a train and had to discover who murders someone… But the adventure will be forever known as the Butter Troll Incident! You see, I drew the Butter Troll Operator character and while playing in character my son’s Ganka decided to like me and of course nearly died from the toxic skin poison secreted by the Butter Troll. Well the player beside him playing some kind of demon (and was the Ganka’s owner) also liked the Butter Troll, failed his roll and was taken down. Well the players real father (Zer0 Kay), playing a Crazy also saw this and came up and licked the Butter Troll… well the joke kept going on and I was chased by them trying to get licked during the whole game. At the end, I managed to take out the bad guy by shear luck (using my three exploding cybernetic finger grenades), but racked up the most XP because of all the people I took out/subdued when they licked me and failed their saving throws…lol!


Wildcat Engineering Solutions is proud to present our first major product release: Collapsible Spiral Dice Towers!

This is for gamers who need to control their dice, especially ones that like to get away or fall off the table. Our solution to your problem is a Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower, complete with a spiral staircase for improved “bounce” and random number generating as well as being able to collapse in on itself for easier storage, yet still being capable of storing your dice collection during transit.

The Tower collapses into a small cylinder, which doubles as a dice storage box. You simply slip the collasped tower into your dice bag to keep everything secure.

When you’re ready to play again you pop out the collapsed dice tower, remove the lid, rotate the tower until it is fully extended and then take the lid, open the side door and slide it into the slot of the dice towers exit door, ensuring that the lid’s door aligns inside and acts as a deflector should the dice do something funny rolling down the stairs and not want to go where it is supposed to go. See Video for a demo on how to assemble and take down your Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower.

Now a Dice Tower isn’t amazing on its own, you obviously need dice, so when we went looking for a dice supplier we obviously turned to the best in the industry and have partnered up with Chessex to bring you a wide selection of the best dice in gaming!