Month: October 2015

As a fellow Canadian I was happy to see this article in the Globe and Mail by Edward Burtynsky on how important it is for Canada to not only support and promote 3D Printing, but that it is essential for

So 3D Printing isn’t just all about making cool plastic toys. The whole concept allows for the integration of plastic components into engineering products whether you do it in your garage or a fully decked out prototype shop. ┬áThe gentlemen

We introduced a couple of interesting models at eSAX, our Fidget Cubes which have already been a hit went like hot cakes at eSAX. We also introduced some cute little Snowmen and a near life sized pumpkin with removable lid

What a show! I talked non-stop all night long as people crowded around the booth to learn about 3D Printing. I had a few who had seen the technology before but most people had their mind’s blown when they saw