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We have been so busy as of late with out Government Contracts, most of which we can’t post online, so much that we didn’t make it to Anime North this year. We can however talk about our visit to CANSEC!

Another CANSEC has come and gone and I am reminded of the many contracts, friends, fellow employees and suppliers that I have had the chance to reconnect with at this even over the years. The Defense industry is kind of

What a great weekend! A little on the warm side again, but we still had loads of fun and I got to spend a bunch of time with Creator and Owner of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda and Artist Chuck Walton.

Another wonderful Open House! What can I say, its like a family gathering of Geeks and Gamers, all in love with Role-Playing Games under one roof and at the very place where the magic happens. I always find it amazing

Wildcat Engineering Solutions is proud to present our first major product release: Collapsible Spiral Dice Towers! This is for gamers who need to control their dice, especially ones that like to get away or fall off the table. Our solution