Welcome to our Products page, as we grow and expand our 3D printing model library we will make available a select number of items for single or large order prints. Please send any purchase requests to:

Colour Palettes

We often get asked what colours can we do stuff in? Well here is our official colour pallet of filament we either carry in stock or can readily order for a specific project or custom order.

Colour Palette

True Colours are what we typically have in stock (left to right): True Red, True Brown, True Orange, True Yellow, True Green, True Purple, True White, Warm Gray, Cool Gray, True Black and Natural (Raw PLA, no colour, semi-transparent).

Specialty Colours we often have in stock, but also cost about +50% to +100% more than True Colours, with the exception of the Glow in the Dark Filament which is +400%, the Translucent series is a semi transparent plastic reminiscent of “see through hard candy” (left to right):Robin’s Egg, Jadeite, Lemon Drop, Glow in the Dark (+400%), Sparkly Dark Blue, Sparkly Black, Translucent Red, Translucent Orange, Translucent Yellow, Translucent Green, Translucent Blue, Translucent Purple, Neon Green, Neon Orange and Neon Pink.

Limited Colours we have a few in stock but increase the cost typically by +50% to +100%: Light Brown, Peach, Photochromatic Blue, Ocean Blue, Army Green and Khaki

Our supplier is also promising us a special PLA Composite Material in the new year that will allow us to print Limestone, Iron, Bronze and Maple Wood! So Excited to start making some of these items.

Collapsible Spiral Dice Towers

Our latest in innovation game support! These special Dice Towers spiral open to become a dice tower and keep you dice collection from rolling of the table during a gaming session.

See the video below on how to open and collapse your Wildcat Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower.



Order now at  and while supplies last, receive a free set of Chessex Dice to go along with your new Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower!


Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower: $85.00

Chessex Dice

We are now offering Chessex Dice for sale. Be sure to order a Collapseable Dice Tower to get a free set of Chessex Dice, this is a limited time offer so be sure to get your order in soon!


Speckled Dice: $7.50

Nebula & Borialis Dice: $11.00


Custom Pet Tombstones

Hamster Tombstone

It’s hard to loose a friend, especially when it is a beloved a pet. We offer a customized plastic tombstone to mark your friend’s grave, including inscription. The one offered here is based on the design for our very own beloved pet George, a Russian Dwarf Hamster, whom we lost recently. The bottom half of the tombstone is pointed so it is easily stuck or hammered into the earth. Larger sized tombstones, fancy designs on the tombstones, additional colours and even glow in the dark plastics are available, inquire at  for more details.


Hamster Sized Tombstone: $7.00

Inquire for large sizes and other customization.

Pumpkin/ Custom Jack O’ Lanterns


This near life sized Pumpkin makes an ideal Thanksgiving decoration that won’t deteriorate, go moldy or rot away on you.

Its more creepier and sinister counterpart is a customized “carved” Jack O’ Lantern, complete with LED Tea light to illuminate its creepiness in the dark. This one is idea for Halloween decorations in Canada where we often get frost or cold weather that ruins real Pumpkin based Jack O’ Lanterns either through frostbite, rapid onset of mould or even animal attacks/consumption. Plus they can be used again and again each year!


Pumpkin: $20.00

Custom Ordered Jack O’ Lantern with LED Tea Light: Starting at $30.00, but depends upon the complexity of the “carved” face.


Custom Snowmen


These cute little snowmen are ideal for winter or Christmas decorations or to hold your business card!


Standard Configuration $15.00

I personally had a creepy thought, being an avid Calvin and Hobbs fan and am looking for someone of like mind to order a custom set of snowmen something like this:



Custom Order: $ Priceless!


Smartphone Stands

Smartphone Stands

These extremely helpful Smartphone stands enable you to prop up your smartphone by our computer to better angle your phone during Skype or Facetime video calls, checking messages, simply keeping an eye on the weather, tweets or other data from your smartphones various Apps. The straddling base is high enough to also permit a cable to be plugged in for charging and the concaved profile also helps amplify bottom based speakers in most smartphones.


Standard Colours $12.00


Fidget Cubes



The new rave amongst kids that will surely sweep the schools as the favourite toy and distraction activity at recess. This popular toy has traditionally been made by kids with an active sense of creativity, however not all kids have the time or patients to make their own out of paper of wood. These 3D Printed Fidget Cubes make them accessible to kids of all ages and makes for a great time waster while waiting at a doctors office or to deal with ADHD allowing the child’s hands to keep fidgeting while the mind and ears remain focused on the person talking. Comes in a wide variety of colour including: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Grey, Purple, Neon Green and Army Green.

We also have a specialty material for the Fidget Cubes that allows it to glow in the dark after absorbing sunlight! These special Fidget Cubes are great for taking your mind off the day’s activities at night while trying to fall asleep, the Fidget Cubes glow softly and allow you to continue to fidget in the dark without any lights on!


Standard Colours $5.00

Special Glow in the Dark $10.00