Month: May 2016

Overall we had a wonderful weekend in Toronto at Anime North. We had some minor issues, such as the incredible first heat wave of the summer (though technically still spring) and some minor car trouble on the return trip (radiator

I did a promo pieces at the April 6th 2016 eSAX Event and they just┬áput it up on you tube. Check it out!  

What an amazing experience this year, plenty of great talents including classics like Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk), Carl Weathers (Rocky / Predator), Billy Dee Williams (Empire Strikes Back), John de Lancie (Star Trek), John Rhys-Davies (Indian Jones / Lord of

So our winner for the $300 gift card Andrew Garneau, was able to use the prize to have a model spaceship fabricated for his school science project. The experience has taught him much about aerospace engineering and he’s well on

Happy STAR WARS Day! In preparation for the big day I finally put together my TK Blaster from the Force Awakens movie. It was a low res print as I wanted to see how things fit together in real life