Palladium Books® Open House 2022 – Review

What an experience! It was weird travelling all masked up, extra vaccinated and paranoid that you might catch that nasty virus…but it was worth it to see old friends and family again at the Palladium Books® Open House.

The first big surprise was that Kevin Siembieda had brought on Sean Owen Robertson as his business partner, we were all a little concerned, but once I had a chance to sit and chat with Sean, we hit it off right away and it turns out he’s a great guy, with a big heart just like Kevin and a super fan just like me! He and Kevin couldn’t be more “two peas in a pod”.

While everyone was masked up and keeping their distance, it was great getting a chance to talk to and hang out with old and new friends, but man did my ears hurt each night after wearing a mask all day…

Rifts® Automated Character Sheet

We had a bunch of explanation videos and tutorials demonstrating the Rifts® Automated Character Sheet an EXCEL® Template, which brought in a tone of people and who had tons of questions. Get your copy today, right here, at DriveThruRPG!

Highlights of the Weekend

One of the big highlights for me was the Palladium Books® Auction, an event where Kevin auctions off odd, exciting and really weird Palladium Book® memorabilia, rare books, collectable and stuff. I had noted a good copy of the original Beyond the Supernatural™ 1st Edition up for sale and patiently waited…One guy offered a mere $40 for it and I then jumped in and out bid him at $80, almost in hand another guy desperately wanted the book for that friend and jumped in, we had a bidding war up to $130 before I had to drop out… As a consolation prize Kevin provided me with an odd printer’s proof copy with some defects in it. Who knows, it might be worth something one day for its oddities! Another interesting note, a copy of the original (pre Nightbane™ fiasco) Nightspawn™, in good condition which sold at the store for $19.95 went for $320!

Another big highlight for me personally was rolling a Natural 30 on a d30 on my first go at James Brown’s 3D Printed table top Rifts® game.

I got so busy talking to people, running games and participating in games that I kept forgetting to take pictures of the event… The best ones I have were of the VIP Night, when everyone was at the opening ceremonies and only a few stragglers were around.

As you can see, things quickly filled up during the rest of the weekend!