Month: May 2015

I kind of feel like this bear. Worn out, my feet hurt from all the walking at CANSEC the last two days, but still managing to go on and following up with people I met.

Lots more things to see, many more people to meet and a great chance to make contacts. More to follow in my post CANSEC blog next week.

Today’s CANSEC event was pretty busy, but over all a great day. Made many new contacts and touched based with some old friends. Many new technologies out there with great potential. More details to follow in my post event update.

Check out our Gallery as we explore the creation of 3D Miniatures for a potential client for his War Gaming needs.

One of the up and coming markets for the 3D Printer is on demand miniatures. The Palladium Books® line of Robotech® miniatures, many of which I had a chance to check out first had are pretty amazing. While our initial foray into the …

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