Products Showcased at eSAX

eSAX Premier Items

We introduced a couple of interesting models at eSAX, our Fidget Cubes which have already been a hit went like hot cakes at eSAX. We also introduced some cute little Snowmen and a near life sized pumpkin with removable lid that can be used for Thanksgiving decorations or we can customize the sides with a creepy or unique carving turning it into an excellent Halloween decoration perfect for outdoor use and can be used to replace conventional small Jack O’ Lanterns which get frost bite, mold and start to decay! An LED tea tight is also part of the Jack ‘O’ Lantern kit to illuminate your custom creepy creation!

Our first invention of sorts is the Smartphone Stand, ideal for propping your phone upright by your computer for a voice call or Skype, to keep tabs on messages, weather or other apps on your phone or to simply play music from.