eSAX Wildcat USB Drive

Alright as previously mentioned we will be attending eSAX at Lansdowne Park on October 7th at 6:00 pm, but what I neglected to emphasize is that this will also be our official launching of Wildcat Engineering Solutions and will be our first full appearance with 3D printer in hand to showcase what 3D printing is all about and how Wildcat Engineering Solutions can help you with your inventions, custom designs, models and projects!

We have our fancy displays and banners already printed and hope to have some nice promo items to give away including a cool Wildcat USB Drive and Ink Pens with the added feature of a Tablet Stylus Tip.

Stop by our booth and we’ll tell you the design story behind our Wildcat USB Drives from concept to 3D printed prototype to full vinyl plastic USB Drive!

USB Wildcat - Opened USB Wildcat20150925_153536 Wildcat USB Drive Finished

See you at eSAX!