Company Bio

Wildcat Engineering Solutions is a dynamic company set to offer aid to other engineering firms looking to outsource their mechanical engineer designs, drafting and prototyping. The people at Wildcat Engineering Solutions brings a collection of ideas and ingenuity from the defense and protective equipment industry, developing mechanical engineering design solutions for over 15 years. They have helped over 10 companies build and develop their own products and designs and are eager to meet new people and companies to bring their designs to fruition.

Our Service

At Wildcat Engineering Solutions we turn your ideas into real products. We walk you through the design process, engineer the product and help you develop a great product. Then we then do the drafting and prototyping with our in-house 3D printer or one of our manufacturing associates to develop an efficient and effective production line for your product and have you start producing your product so you can take it to market.


Some of the Projects we have Working on in the Past

  • 3D Modeling and Drafting of armour for the TAPV (M1117).
  • 3D Modeling of Piping and Plant Layout for a Garbage to Electricity Power Plant.
  • Land Mine Survival Seats for the Stryker/LAV III.
  • Ballistic Curtains to protect drivers from spauling & shrapnel from the rear compartment in a Bison Armoured Vehicle.
  • Custom Bracketry and Storage Containers.
  • Support Structure for the Infrared Suppression System on a CH-47 Chinook.
  • Development of a Chemical Recycling Plant turning used paint solvent into fresh, clean solvent.
  • 3D Modeling and Drafting for M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier replacement parts.
  • 3D Modeling of a passenger boarding bridge and its 2D layout at an Airport.
  • Intricate Structural Frame for a seismically resistant optical network server.