Collab Space

I was introduced to Emile Salem from Collab Space today, and we had an interesting discussion that lead me to a tour of his facility. The concept behind this company is to promote self employed people, small business and companies providing not only a work space (office space is also available too) but the feel of a larger corporate community and others business to share and interact within a friendly and easily going office environment. The appeal I see is in helping the transition from a small home office to a corporate building, providing the intermediate steps in the middle through Collab Space from a work space, to board rooms and meetings rooms, then eventually renting office space, then building up some warehouse, manufacturing before outgrowing and buying your own building, and even then one would be likely to keep an office at Collab Space just to keep in touch with the corporate feel and community that helped build you up!

They also host a number of networking events, including Entrepreneurs in Action, which I will be attending next Thursday from 6:30 – 10:00 at the offices. Hope to see you there!