Replacement Plastic Parts

So you have an old appliance and you manage to crack or break one of its plastic parts… “Oh great” you sarcastically exclaim! Now you’ll have to buy a new one to replace the old appliance. Not true, we can model you a replacement part and print you a new one!

One of our clients had the exact same problem, an old dishwasher’s wheel clips kept coming off in the wash and causing the rack to skid to a halt and get stuck in the dishwasher itself without its wheels. We were able to model new clips off the deformed part and 3D printed a replacement clip, which he then ordered six of to replace all the clips on the dishwasher’s rack and now it works like brand new, all for less than $50.

Whether your a home owner looking to extend the life of your dishwasher, replace a broken lamp cover or a HVAC Repairman looking to help out your clients replace old plastic gears and bevels Wildcat Engineering Solution has the solution for you! Give us a call for a quote and let us help you extend the life of your old appliances, furnace, toys and tools.