Spiral Dice Towers

Wildcat Engineering Solutions is proud to present our first major product release: Collapsible Spiral Dice Towers!

This is for gamers who need to control their dice, especially ones that like to get away or fall off the table. Our solution to your problem is a Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower, complete with a spiral staircase for improved “bounce” and random number generating as well as being able to collapse in on itself for easier storage, yet still being capable of storing your dice collection during transit.

The Tower collapses into a small cylinder, which doubles as a dice storage box. You simply slip the collasped tower into your dice bag to keep everything secure.

When you’re ready to play again you pop out the collapsed dice tower, remove the lid, rotate the tower until it is fully extended and then take the lid, open the side door and slide it into the slot of the dice towers exit door, ensuring that the lid’s door aligns inside and acts as a deflector should the dice do something funny rolling down the stairs and not want to go where it is supposed to go. See Video for a demo on how to assemble and take down your Collapsible Spiral Dice Tower.

Now a Dice Tower isn’t amazing on its own, you obviously need dice, so when we went looking for a dice supplier we obviously turned to the best in the industry and have partnered up with Chessex to bring you a wide selection of the best dice in gaming!