The Wildcat USB Drive

Wildcat USB Drive Finished20160409_111722 20160409_11320720150925_153536  USB Wildcat USB Wildcat - OpenedFor those of you who have done business with us or been to a trade show that we had a booth at, you’ve noticed our cute Wildcat USB Thumb Drive that we often give away. As you can tell this little guy is out Wildcat mascot, I originally designed him as a nifty little cat that would catch people’s attention and personify the company’s image of “out of the box” or “wild” thinking, mobility and agility in working in a clients aspirations, design requests and ideas as well as provide a useful tool to remind people when they use the thumb drive of us (our website is on the bottom and become more visible when people plug it into their computer). I did all the design work myself, even printed a couple of 3D printed versions of it to vet the concept, before sending it out to get mass produced. This process is typical of the kind of work we’d like to be doing for you, taking cool ideas, do the modelling, engineering and prototyping of the design to help you take your concept to the patent office and then to a manufacturer to take it to market.

G. Diaczyk