So you have an old appliance and you manage to crack or break one of its plastic parts… “Oh great” you sarcastically exclaim! Now you’ll have to buy a new one to replace the old appliance. Not true, we can model you a replacement part and print you a new one!

One of our clients had the exact same problem, an old dishwasher’s wheel clips kept coming off in the wash and causing the rack to skid to a halt and get stuck in the dishwasher itself without its wheels. We were able to model new clips off the deformed part and 3D printed a replacement clip, which he then ordered six of to replace all the clips on the dishwasher’s rack and now it works like brand new, all for less than $50.

Whether your a home owner looking to extend the life of your dishwasher, replace a broken lamp cover or a HVAC Repairman looking to help out your clients replace old plastic gears and bevels Wildcat Engineering Solution has the solution for you! Give us a call for a quote and let us help you extend the life of your old appliances, furnace, toys and tools.

We just confirmed for Anime North 2018, which is fast approaching and we’ll be there at the Palladium Books®  booth with our latest products.


As some of you may know I am also a Freelance Writer for Palladium Books® and have been invited to attend the unique fan experience of the Palladium Open House, a gaming convention at the company’s warehouse where people get a chance to not only talk to the creators of Palladium products, but get a chance to game and enjoy each others company for the entire weekend!

Now its been a while since the last open house, in fact the whole set up was becoming too much of a challenge to do annually and was officially cancelled, but thanks to Scott Gibbons the event has been resurrected for another year and hopefully for many more to come!

See you all in April!


What an exciting weekend visiting with old friends and making some new ones. There was lots to see and do, but here are some of the highlights of the weekend for us.

First off we, the gang from Palladium Books® was swamped this year and could not make it up to Canada and requested that I as a Freelancer run their booth. I graciously accepted and as usual had a great time talking to people, selling Palladium products as well as my own Wildcat Engineering products.

Like Ottawa, Toronto was seeing some pretty bad flooding and lots of rain. The Don Valley River was very high and almost up onto the Don Valley Parkway in some places. We were treated however to a misty view of the CN Tower and Skydome.

As usual there were lots of Cosplayers, Anime robot models and of course gamers, something we saw a lot of while running the Palladium Books booth, including a fellow with a fully functional Veritech Fighter from Robotech!

We also got a chance to meet the Swedish Chief and were then treated to a special dinner with other artists and guest of Anime North where they gave us an amazing show (cooking our food) with a flaming volcano of onion rings!


We had such a great time last year at Anime North that we are going back for more!

Though the boys at Palladium Books® won’t be able to make it they have asked me to hold the fort down and represent Palladium Books®. So I’ll be at my table peddling Wildcat Engineering Solutions as well as a large selection of Palladium Book® products. So mark you calendars and grab your tickets and we’ll see you in Toronto May 26th-28th!